Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Who is hounding the average-build couch potato?

Damned if you do, damned if you don't! That's how I feel about this weeks article and photo of Chrissie Swan and her sons. It sure has got the tongues wagging in the debates about obesity and parenting.
 The thing that makes me laugh is I hear so many people say they would like to see more "normal sized" people on magazines and TV, instead of stick-thin people that are well below the average size. As soon as this happens though, the critics and wannabe-critics come out in full force to tear these people and their lifestyles apart. The amount of assumptions and judgements I have read about Chrissie and her family from this one article is amazing, and a little tragic in my opinion.

Chrissie spoke about her weight when she appeared as a contestant on Big Brother Australia in 2003. This was my first introduction to Chrissie, as it was for many others around the nation. I liked her instantly for her humour, her morals, her intelligence and confidence. I have been a fan ever since. More recently, she publicly joined Jenny Craig to lose weight with the aim of falling pregnant. I am sure that diet, health and nutrition have been fore-front in her mind for quite some time.

Parents are judged on every single aspect these days at a glance. So many assumptions are made, without knowing the facts. To look at a lovely photo of Chrissie and her sons and ignore the joy and love on their faces, just to degrade it with assumptions of sugar intake, lack of exercise, portion size, and parenting neglect is wrong.

A persons weight is just one indicator to be aware of, and when you are talking about children who have not yet grown, then so much can yet change.

I find it a little stupid to make such assumptions at a glance, when some people I know and their families fall into the average build category. Yet, I have seen their lack of exercise and ignorance to diet and nutrition.
Who is hounding the average build person with questions on responsible parenting?

This topic has come at a significant time for me, as I am still waiting for a reply from Coles on their Lack of support to my health.

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