Friday, 22 June 2012


When I created my 2012 TO DO LIST I was aiming to get in a bit more me time, some me and hubby time and some family time. We all enjoy a good movie. So Number 2 on my list was See 20 movies on DVD not seen before.

Then fate took it's path and our TV bit the bullet.
Hubby and I had been discussing our options for our next TV, as we knew ours was on it's way out. It was the old bulky variety that requires a Set Top Box to access all of the current Free-to-Air channels. The TV had been faithful, so we tried not to show too much disrespect as we rushed to jump in the car with a direct route to the store.

We made a beeline to our usual store (where we seriously would benefit from a Frequent Shopper Program). Lucky for us, my cousin just happens to be working every single time we walk in. That guarantees us great, personal service, with no bullshit and wheeling and dealing. With the new shiny, slim-line, high-definition, digital TV with 3D capabilities chosen we were happy chappys.

Then my cousin says the magical "but that's not all" line.
Our purchase at our favourite store, complete with cousin discount, was currently running a promotion in conjunction with Austar.

We are definitely always up for a freebie!

So the friendly installation man came to our house to install a black box above our new TV. Now we had a big shiny, new TV with all of the Free-to-air channels, as well as 200 channels with Austar, free for the next 6 months.

My hubby is a typical man and LOVES to channel surf. The thought of channel surfing ALL of those channels constantly was enough to make my eyes cross over! So I jumped in really quick to set some into the Favourites. My sanity and probably the life of the buttons on the remote depended on it.

3 months on and we are now an Austar family. We have discovered a few shows we are now fond of, and the children are gobsmacked with so many Kids Channels, which has become such a useful tool in their discipline.

Most importantly, we have not been to the Video Store once.
There is no need. We are not huge TV campers, so we are able to record the movies and shows we want to watch to the talented black box, and then watch them at our leisure.

I think it is important to point out that, as grateful as we are for the 6 months free access, and as much as we are currently enjoying the benefits, Austar will be leaving our home in October (conveniently after AFL season has finished). We just can not justify paying to watch TV for the limited amount of time that we do. We certainly are not looking to increase our time in front of the "idiot box".

So there will be no post anytime soon on 20 DVDs I have viewed this year.

Master 4 is loving the new TV

Master 4 loves taking photos of the new TV too. We have many!

See a close up!
End of story.