Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My son was ready to sleep at school....

Master 4 started his school holidays, saying he hated school. Today was his first day back after 2 weeks, and he told the teacher he was going to sleep at school overnight, and it didn't matter that there was no TV.

Has he had a dramatic change of heart? Did he have such a good day that he never wants to come home again?

Well, the teacher's report was very positive. She said he had a good day.... it is very rare to hear this. Then, out of his own mouth, Master 4 declared he really did have a good day. Should I be over-joyed or suspicious? I mean, hubby and I were having chats with the teacher every week regarding behaviour, sometimes twice a week, and he only attends Kindergarten 3 days a week!

I walked Master 4 into school this morning with hesitation as to what today might bring, or what his teacher would say today. I need not have worried.

So, back to why Master 4 was going to sleep at school.
It may have something to do with the fact that I arrived late to collect him. The poor mite was the last left in class, and the only cars in the car park belonged to the teachers. So I slinked into the class to reassure Master 4 that we really do love him, and wouldn't really leave him at school forever. By this time, Master 4 had it all figured out where he was going to sleep and what he would play with.

Hubby thought this was a little funny. Not that Master 4 was late being collected from school, but that it was me who had committed the sin of losing track of time, and potentially forgetting our own child.
He played it for all it was worth too, giving Master 4 cuddles and words of comfort when he arrived home.

Hmmmph! As if ....  My halo is a little crooked but still in tact.

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