Sunday, 17 June 2012

The perfect juice to put sunshine into the day

Today I picked up some great fruit at a great price. Perfect for making our own vitamin-rich juice at home. This juice is refreshing, and has a good bite to it, but is not sickly sweet.

Number 59 on my 2012 To Do List  is to make great juice with my new Breville Juicer, and since this juice qualified; here it is.

My idea of great juice is:
  • fruit/veg that is in season, and therefore, cheap
  • juice that is full of vitamins
  • juice that tastes good

My ingredients today were:
1 bag of Oranges
1/2 pineapple
1/4 watermelon
2 apples

I have learned some great tips from playing with my juicer that are worth sharing.

Purchase a juicer that has a motor with a bit of grunt. You want to be able to throw in an whole apple and just do the minimum preparation.

Your juicer will come with a small jug to collect the juice as it is is extracted. This jug will hold small quantities, but if you working with quantities such as I have above, then you need a bottle or jug ready to pour the juice into.

Keep a cloth close by. This is sticky business.

Rinse your Juicer parts straight after finishing. This makes the cleanup process so much easier, than waiting until the juice and pith have dried on your parts.

Most juices will always taste better chilled.

The pith that is separated from the juice is great for several uses. Add it to your breakfast, add it to your cooking, or eat with yoghurt.