Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Maybe I should lower my expectations?

As if exercise comes naturally for everyone. As if I want to venture out on a cold night. Wouldn't you think that if a group of people are going to sign up for something, they would make an effort to know what time to turn up?

Having organised our dinner earlier than usual so I could digest before going out, I dressed in my netball gear that I had put on the airer in front of the heat pump to make sure it was dry in time. I checked the time once again and made sure that my bag was by the door, money ready, and drink bottle full.

I received a message from a team player on Facebook, letting us all know that, beyond her control, she was too sick to play. These things happen. It is team policy that players let others know if they can not play. Luckily, we had recruited more players than needed for a team for the Winter Roster, knowing that people get sick, as well as having work and family commitments.

The time had come to leave, so I psyched myself up to firstly, go outside in the cold to the car, and then, drive to the Sports Centre to play an hour of Netball in a t-shirt and skirt. This is the commitment I have made. A commitment to my health and fitness, to my team-mates, and to the group of ladies that make up the Winter Roster, including the umpires, the girls scoring, and the Vice-president who opened the Centre and set-up.

Imagine not only our disappointment, but also our frustration that only 3 members of the opposing team had turned up.

To me, this is inexcusable!
Sure we all make mistakes from time to time.
It is quite easy to mix up times.
We have all been there.
But when everyone else goes out of their way to make sure that rosters are distributed, that team members are kept up to date, that Social Media is used wisely, that baby sitters are arranged for children, that time is allowed for travel, that uniforms are ready to wear .... it is hard to smile nicely and forgive a team who have done this several times now.

Am I expecting too much? Do I need to lower my expectations of people? Do you notice more and more disrespect for others lately?

sometimes that expectation is miss placed