Thursday, 12 July 2012

Are you superstitious?

It is that dark, spooky time. Are you superstitious? Tomorrow is Friday the 13th after all!

I remember being young and not wanting to do anything on Friday the 13th, for fear of something terrible happening. I remember my Mum telling me not to be silly. So I went out to play. What possessed me to put on my skates is WAY beyond me. I wore my skates a lot and I don't remember having too many spills, but if ever I was going to was going to be this day.

I ended up with very sore, skinned knees that day, and threw Mum a less than impressed look when I got in the door.

My sister-in-law recently commented that she had never heard so many superstitions before becoming a part of our family. I had never really thought much about it before this. As I started to make a list, I realised that it is quite lengthy.

These are just the ones that come straight to mind:

Wish upon a falling star.

Include money with sharp gifts.

A broken mirror is 7 years bad luck.

Spilled salt is thrown over the left shoulder to stop bad spirits.

Bad luck to those whom walk under ladders.

Crossed knives mean an argument.

Chicken Wishbones are to be broken by two people by gripping the two sides with the pinky fingers, and a wish made.

Playing with frogs will give you warts.

Cover all mirrors during a thunder storm as they attract lightening.

A bed placed facing north and south brings bad luck.

Blow out all of the candles with one breath to get your wish.

A black cat walking across your path brings bad luck.

Don't step on cracks, it will break your Mum's back.

Four leaf Clovers brings good luck.

It is bad luck to cut your nails on a Friday or Sunday.

The palm of the left had itching means money going out, and an itchy right palm means money coming in.

Bad luck will follow if shoes are placed on a table.

Umbrellas that are opened inside bring bad luck.

Knock on wood after the mention of good fortune.

A sudden chill up your back is someone walking over your grave

If your ear is burning, someone is talking about you - left for love, right for spite.

If a photo falls over or falls off the wall it is bad luck.

Crossing your fingers stops evil spirits from ruining your chances of good luck.

Those are just some of the ones that were common to me, off the top of my head.
There were more, and of course if you do your research there are many others.

So, where did they come from? Many date back a long way through history. Are they true? I have no idea, but I was brought up believing in good and bad luck, so I would not be the one to test them out.

Are you Superstitious? What are some that you have heard of?
Enjoy your Friday the 13th...