Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Wintery Walk

Today started out sunny, but the cold front is now here and the weather has turned wild and blustery.

Which is why I am so glad that we got out yesterday, to do something together, away from the house.

We structured our day so that we could get a few things done around the house, and then head out to enjoy the rest of the day.

The kids love taking the dog for a walk. They don't like to walk along a track though - they prefer to walk around the streets and shops. So we grabbed the dog on her lead, some drinks and a snack, and off we went.

Master 4 decided that he wanted to ride his bike, while Miss 7 and I were happy to walk with the dog.

While there was a slight chill in the air, and a few drops of rain, we enjoyed our walk around our great little town. We window-shopped, and sat in a lovely little gazebo, we took a break on some swings and the dog was happy when some boys left some hot chips and gravy behind.

It was pleasant and care-free with no agenda. Such an enjoyable afternoon together.