Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Going back in time

I was hurtled back in time today, just by attempting to put some things away.  This happens to me quite often. I try to get some stuff done, and in doing so, I find something I haven't seen in a long time. All of a sudden, I am fully sidetracked.

I like to keep things.
Things the children have made, significant birthday cards, etc. I guess this stems from my own childhood where my Mum did the same thing.

As I added things to the "Memory Box" today, I found some things I have kept from my childhood. It really did feel like finding a time capsule. They are just small things, but they revive some great memories.

 So, what have we got here?
1. Collectible eraser in the shape of a peg
This was one thing I collected as a child. I had quite a cool, colourful collection.

2. Netball medal from High School
I have played Netball since Third Grade, but this is a small memory token I can fit in my box.

3. Skeleton keyring from the Hobart Show
The annual Royal Hobart Show was one of those treats that I have some cool memories of. The rides, the tacky show bags and the fireworks are still a fun tradition.

4. Rock from Tasmanian West Coast
This is a treasure from one of our family trips. It is very shiny and glitzy.

5. Key tag with primary school photo
Ah ... those were the days. So young and innocent.

6. Mickey Mouse figurine
Another token of my childhood. I have a really cool photo of me with the Mickey Mouse Ears.

7. Feather earring
This was from my rebellion teenage years. Feather earrings and black eyeliner!

8. Keyring with boomerang and enclosed Scorpion
I carried these 2 around for quite a while. I thought they were both pretty cool.

9. The Bug key tag
This one actually belonged to my Mum. She once owned and drove a Volkswagen Beetle.

As I get older, I wonder how much the Brain can retain of these memories from long ago. I certainly spent a good amount of time today smiling and going back in time with the help of these items.

There are so many other things that would have been great to keep. I had some great posters that would have been cool to hang on to, but I think that would push me into the hoarding category...
photo source

Do you keep things as mementos? Have you ever made a time capsule?