Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How I shocked the hubby, and myself

It's not very often that I get to shock my Hubby with my capabilities. We have been together for 18 years, so he has seen, heard and experienced my skills, talents and abilities. Needless to say, he also has a grip on what I am not so good at.

Under his guidance, I decided it was about time to learn something that he is good at. I love learning new things. Anyone who knows me or has been reading Bright Side Up for a while will have heard my motto - Have a go! I love learning new skills and tackling a challenge.

My 2012 TO DO LIST  has been great to add things that I want to try. Being the wife of an avid Fisherman, I have observed and watched as my husband has backed the boat trailer time, and time again. I also have watched others do it while he has observed. I have learned from watching others and from the frustration that Hubby shows from seeing them have trouble that this is a skill to master, not just a menial task to be done without thought and concentration.

With the boat trailer hitched behind the Ute we set off to the local boat ramp. I listened to Hubby's instructions and practised approaching from different angles, and learning the effect that steering and speed can have on the position of the trailer.

I was quite happy with myself that I was taking it all in, but it was the look on my Hubby's face that said just how well I was picking it up. His expression was full of amusement, disbelief and pride that I was able to do this task on my first lesson to an acceptable standard.

I knew this was a valuable asset to have. It meant that I could back the trailer so Hubby could launch the boat into the water. This would save Hubby a lot of work of going from Ute to boat to Ute. I would now be contributing to the trip, not just be the passenger.

With my first lesson done, I was feeling confident with my new skill. We headed home to unhitch the trailer. Hubby asked if we should swap seats so that he could reverse the trailer up our driveway, which has a steady incline and a little bend in it, with gateposts on either side. I wanted to at least give it a go, so Hubby accommodated me.

I did it ....much to his shock, as well as mine.

I know that this sort of skill needs to be practised and am in no means cocky enough to think I will get it right each and every time. Having a good first experience though, has assured me that I can do it, and given Hubby the knowledge that I am able to do this.

Have you shocked someone, or yourself lately with an achievement? I encourage you to Have A Go!