Friday, 10 August 2012

How old will you be?

When I was young, I remember many things just seemed an eternity away. Things like going to High School, turning 18, moving out and having babies. I guess children's concepts of these things happening is really out of proportion.

I had a lovely chat with Master 4 today.

It went:

Master 4: "Will Miss 8 have babies?
Me: "She might do... What about you?
Master 4: "Only girls can have babies."

Me: "So will you marry a girl and have babies together?"
Master 4: "Well, I have 2 girlfriends..."

Me: "So which one do you think you might marry?"
Master 4: "Hmmmm ...... maybe __________?" (name has been withheld, let's say it starts with a letter between L and Z)

Me: "Right. "So how old do you think you'll be when you get married?"
Master 4:"Well .... maybe 6?"

Me:"And how old will you be when you and ______ have babies?"
Master 4:"About 11 I think"

I was digesting this news of my future grandmother hood and Master 4 was analysing the finer details.

Master 4:"Do you I have to live somewhere else when I get older though Mum?
Me: "You can stay here if you want to, but we might need to get a bigger house. Where will you all sleep?"
Master 4: "I could just put another bed beside mine in my room?"
Me: "Or maybe some bunks to save room?"
Master 4: "Yeah, let's get bunks. That would be cool."

Me: "Will you sleep on the top bunk or will _____ sleep on the top?"
Master 4: "No. I think me and ______ will sleep on the top one and the babies can sleep down the bottom."

Righto! All settled then!

Do you/have you had some great chats with children lately?