Monday, 20 August 2012

What a girl has to do for flowers

Are there things that you value that your family just does not see as important? Have you ever got sick of waiting for someone to do something, so you have just done it yourself? I can see you nodding - freaky huh?

This is my situation of late. So I did what any self respecting wife and mother should do, but quite often doesn't.
I said "Enough - I'll take care of this." I took myself along the road to the lady that has a lovely stall by the roadside, and chose for myself a lovely bunch.

Flowers ... bunch of flowers.

I appreciate the sight of freshly cut flowers on my dining room table, and obviously it was not on anyone else's list in my house. I enjoy buying them with a few tight buds that I can watch as they magically open. I love the sweet fragrance as I walk in the room.

I have now taken it upon myself to periodically purchase a lovely bunch of flowers, for me to enjoy.
Thus I added it to my 2012 TO DO LIST.

I have been, and would continue to, wait quite some time for a certain husband to walk through the door with a bunch!
Are flowers on your list of things you like, for you?