Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Natural Sour Hit for a Healthy Me

Whilst I am feeling a little under the weather with the sniffles, I am thinking of you.
What is my Bright Side Up gift to my readers today?
Even while I take some more Paracetamol, I count my blessings and think of the many things around me that brighten my life.
These things I want to share with you.

So today, it is only natural that I share the joy of the first plant we purchased, what seems so many moons ago, to celebrate the purchase of our first home. We brought it and kept it in a pot whilst we renovated the house we had purchased, to make it into our home. When we were able to focus on the garden, my beloved Lemon Tree was the first to be planted.

Being a mega sweet-tooth, it seemed quite odd, as I was growing up, that I enjoyed many a Lemon. Squeezing the juices and eating the flesh, like many would eat Oranges. As an adult, I eat them less, but still indulge in the occasional sour burst straight from a Lemon.

Today, just like so many times before when feeling a little under the weather, I head to my Lemon Tree, and pick it's lush fruits that will give my body that instant shot of Vitamin C, as I take a little time out to nurse my throbbing head, raspy throat and blocked nose.

Lemons would have to be my favourite fruit, not only for flavour, but also the health benefits. Lemons are high in Vitamin C, a good source of Vitamin B, loaded with anti-oxidants, rich in dietary fibre, and low in calories.

I leave you with a picture of Lemons picked fresh from our own tree.
Even before cutting into a Lemon, I am sure that the bright Yellow makes me feel a little better.
Is that possible?

Do you like a food others cringe at? Do you like it purely for taste, or does it have other benefits?