Thursday, 18 October 2012

Thankful for Not Falling On My Face

Today I did great things .... at least by my standards. I had my monthly health assessment with The Personal Trainer, and she always gets the best out of me, whether I am doing boxing, routines with weights, treadmill or aerobic routines. I never know what to expect, as she is always pumped to get me moving and likes to mix it up.

I really think The Personal Trainer has been well worth the money My Workplace is paying her. If you want to know how this came about, then read here. My first assessment is here, and my post explaining what works for me is here.

So I am steadily losing weight, which is ideal, and I can feel I am so much fitter than 5 months ago. This is showing in my Netball games where I have moved positions, and am now enjoying playing two thirds of the court instead of struggling to cover one third. Also, there is no way I could achieve my milestone today, without my improved fitness.
Note to self

We worked with some 1.5kg dumb bells today, doing a series of of squats, pumps and burpees. This is itself is a good workout. Here is the twist! Between each set with the weight, I got to have a quick drink before jumping on the Treadmill and jogging for 2 minutes. You heard it here first - I RAN ON THE TREADMILL! Wooooo Hoooo!

There is something about a trainer standing beside you, talking you through every step, encouraging you to go a bit more, and praising your achievements. I must tell you, there were a couple of high fives in the room.

Who gives you the confidence to try things? When have you thought yourself incapable, and been encouraged to push harder?