Thursday, 4 October 2012

Can you keep a secret?

secret secret.Tomorrow is hubby's birthday. But that's not the secret.

I finished the shopping for his pressies today.
While the gifts themselves are nothing too exciting for the average blog reader, they are things I hope he will like and enjoy.

So tonight, as he was visiting a mate, I got the kids to write in his card, and we placed his pressies in a big gift bag.

The kids love surprise presents, and even though we ask each member what they would like for their birthday, what they will eventually get remains a secret until they open your gift. So hubby knows he is getting a new Shimano Fishing Reel (because he picked it out himself), but he doesn't know what else is in the gift bag.

When hubby returned home tonight, the kids were in their PJ's and I was reading a story before tucking them into bed. As we heard him coming in the door, I put my finger to my lips to remind the children (mostly Master 5) not to talk about the presents in the gift bag.
Hubby poked his head into Miss 8's room (where Miss 8 and Master 5 were snuggled under her doona, waiting to hear whether Ariel and Prince Erik live happily ever after) to say his Good-nights.

Master 5 could sit still no longer, and was absolutely busting with the knowledge of what was in the gift bag. He sprang out of the bed, and with many giggles and hushed whispers, he pulled Hubby into the hallway.
Master 5 whispers quite loudly, so it was not hard to hear "Daddy, we got you a new Fishing Reel for your birthday".
Hubby played the part and acted very surprised and excited.

The cuteness of this act pardoned Master 5 from disclosing our secret.
It seems he is closely following in his father's footsteps, as Hubby could never keep a secret as a child either, according to his family.

Curiosity may have killed the cat; but it puts a big grin on the faces, and a twinkle of mischief in the eye of the two males in this family.

So, can you keep a secret?

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  1. I LOVE how kids just can't keep it in. They burst open with secrets. It's the quickest way to get them to speak!!! x