Sunday, 7 October 2012

What is that light over yonder?

With the start of Daylight Savings today in Tasmania, I am literally doing a little happy dance.

There is no better feeling that walking out of work at 5pm, seeing the sun still high in the sky, and knowing that you still have daylight to enjoy.

We try to make the most of the extra daylight hours and better weather where we can, and I will be sure to share some of this with you while it lasts.

We love to use this time as a family, to enjoy the outdoors. We also get together regularly with friends through the week for a BBQ, either at our homes or our fantastic local park. Those extra hours give us a great reason to get outside and do those jobs around the garden and exercise. Television shows usually take a backseat for our family during this period of extra daylight, but considering our regular favourites usually take a break over this time, it is certainly no loss.

I certainly know where I would rather be .... and it's not sitting in front of the box.

Do you have daylight savings where you live? Do you love it or hate it? 
Sunshine on Me