Tuesday, 16 October 2012

One cupboard at a time

I don't want to alarm anyone, but something is going on with me. It is as much a mystery to me as anyone. People who know me well may need to grab a calming herbal tea before reading on.

This week, the strangest things have been happening. To me!
I'm not quite sure how to describe the feeling, except to say that it is totally foreign.

Hate cleaning .... at all!I am not a fan of cleaning ... by any stretch of the imagination. I do it because, it has to be done. I see no joy in it, except when I turn around to see a clean surface, that signifies that I can walk away and do something else, hopefully, something I enjoy.

So this week I got the urge to clean out the Medicine Cupboard. Mostly, this came from my frustration at things falling out as soon as I open the door, and the pain of rifling through things to find the packet I am after. So, I rolled up my sleeves and did it. Quite a stellar job too, might I add.

With this job behind me, I gave myself a pat on the back for achieving something close to Spring Cleaning in Spring.

But, it hasn't stopped there. The feeling has returned ... several times, in fact.

I have completely gone through the entire contents of our filing cabinet and desk, and de-cluttered, disposed, and reorganised. I have also gone through my collection of magazines, chosen which Scrapbooking and Health ones I wish to keep, and put aside a healthy pile that are moving on. Furthermore, I went through my collection of shoes and tossed the tatty ones. A good part of our wheelie bin has been filled, and for a semi-hoarder, this has been quire invigorating.

To top things off, Hubby walked out yesterday morning to find me ironing. This is an extremely rare sight in my household.

So I am not sure if this strange illness will continue, or whether it is seasonal and replacing my Hay fever? I have checked my temperature and there doesn't appear to be a rash either. While I am not concerned that it is a long-term illness, the satisfying feeling I have been getting is a little unsettling.

I will update if any more symptoms occur.

Toss it….

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