Wednesday, 28 November 2012

2012 Christmas Present Alert: Play Cubes

Do you let your children have access to you iPad or Kindle Fire? There are so many great apps available, both educational and games. Can the kids be trusted not to drop the tablet, or spill something on it? Can you even see the screen after their sticky fingers have been on it?

I came across a brilliant find today and had to share with all the parents and those buying for children.
Nickelodeon branded Inflatable Play Cubes for the iPad have finally hit the market.

 While safety is the primary goal, these cubes also encourage learning, creativity, and interaction with an iPad or Kindle Fire. They are colourfully designed with two of Nickelodeon's™ most popular brands, and each features its own app; SpongeBob's Super Bouncy Fun Time HD game or Dora Dress-Up Adventures! HD.

The Inflatable Cubes are designed so that a protective case recessed on a padded side securely holds the tablet inside a clear plastic screen cover. This effectively guards the tablet screen from smudges, liquids and messy hands, while still allowing seamless multi-touch control and a clear view of the screen. It can then be safely bounced and turned over to use in either an upright tabletop position or flipped to its side for enjoying videos and episodes of your child's favourite cartoon adventure.

Currently available from Amazon for under $40. (as at November 2012) This cool accessory will give you that peace of mind that your iPad or Kindle Fire are safe, whilst still allowing your children the joy of playing and learning.
Dora the Explorer Inflatable Play Cube for Kindle Fire
Inflatable Play Cube for Kindle Fire
SpongeBob SquarePants Inflatable Play Cube for iPad/iPad 2/The new iPad with App Included
Inflatable Play Cube for iPad

Please note that it is not One Size Fits All, as the protective case is made to fit either an iPad or a Kindle Fire, which are noticeably different in size. When ordering, make sure you pick the cube that is correct for your tablet.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, nor were any products received. This is my personal opinion and recommendation.