Saturday, 24 November 2012

Life Is Still Sweet

With one week down on the 30 day Sugar-free Challenge, I wanted to let you all know how this sweet tooth is coping. There are several side effects I was aware of and expecting. So far, though, I haven't had any problems with headaches, cramps or irritability (no more than usual, anyway).

So what have I been eating?
Breakfast has consisted of eggs, either poached or scrambled, and occasionally some cooked zucchini, tomato and onion. On alternate days I have had yoghurt with fruit or simply fruit salad. Lunches have been baked beans, or salad with chicken or tuna. Dinner is usually a meat with salad or veggies. I have been snacking on nuts, fruit and cheese. I have been having my Decaf coffee with Full Cream Milk, no sugar, and my first drink of the day is a Green Tea. Oh, and plenty of water!

I have had a few temptations in front of me, having to push aside cooked carrot and potato, select wisely from a table of party food, watch my family eat lamingtons and caramel cups from the school fair, and my usual beloved demons still in the house of biscuits, cereals and cordials.

I must say that the week has gone surprisingly quick, and I certainly have not been hungry.

I have just had a weigh-in and some measurements taken by my personal trainer, which indicated some good results in just a week.  So onwards into the 2nd week and more results.

What are your demons when it comes to food?

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