Monday, 5 November 2012

Money Back Guarantee

Have you ever wished for anything? Of course you have. Haven't we all?
Did you make a wish and then expect it to come true? Well, we all hope it will come true, otherwise we wouldn't bother wishing in the first place, but do you think about what you expect if your wish doesn't come true?

On a recent visit to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens the kids stood around the fountain in The Conservatory, closed their eyes, and threw in their money while making their wish.

Miss 8, the romantic, knows all about wishes and the rules that go with them. She was quick to remind Master 5 not to tell what he wished for, as that would mean the wish would never come true.

In the car, more recently, Master 5 suddenly wondered out loud if his wish might come true soon. Miss 8 shrugged her shoulders, but you could see her thoughts start to come thick and fast, as she started to think about this possibility.

Suddenly, she declared with a big sigh, "Well, if my wish doesn't come true by the time I turn 18, then I want my money back."

I chuckled a little at the thought.

If only there were more things in life with a money back guarantee.