Sunday, 4 November 2012

Visions and Believing


I am a believer.
I think I always have been.
I believe, but cautiously.

I have been meaning to see a Psychic for sometime now. I am intrigued with their visions. Fascinated with their connections to the people of my past. Drawn to what they know of my past and future.

I understand that there are Psychics who are the real deal, and those that are not.

Hubby is not so much of a believer. He has not encouraged my wish to see a Psychic - AT ALL.

A rare opportunity arose last week, which brought a few Psychics to a Halloween Fair hosted nearby. They were practising Psychics, offering their services for $20 for 20 minutes.

So, I headed down to the Fair, by myself. I had a little look around, but really could not concentrate on the goings on at the Fair, as I was also checking out the visiting Psychics. I was trying to get a vibe for which one I should consult with.

I sat down with Jennifer. A lovely mature lady with a kind face.

She connected with me straight away, and told me things about the people around me and my current circumstances. Her descriptions were so spot on that I was a little stunned. I guess I was expecting what I often saw on television - the Psychic hitting on some possible truths, while other things were a little vague. Jennifer was very specific about some things. This lady was the real deal.

We talked of the children and family, a lady that had passed who was there to see me, and my future and how others felt about it.

I left feeling very happy about the $20 I had just spent. Needless to say, I grabbed her card and will consult Jennifer again.

Are you a believer or not? What experiences have you had to confirm your belief?

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