Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Spirit ... Where are you?

Christmas is my favourite time of year. The festive colours, the building excitement and the thousands of sale catalogues filling my mail box is just my thing.

This year, my Christmas Spirit has gone missing.
I'm not sure how this happened, as it has never happened before to this extent.
Some years,  it takes me a little to get wound up, but usually, once the tree is up, there is no stopping me flinging lights here and there and hanging baubles. The countdown with the children leading up to that big day excites me as much as them, as I remind them each day to open the door on the Advent Calendar.

I love getting the tree out and decorating on the 1st of December.
Hubby does not understand my passion in buying a few new decorations each year, or why our little family has now four boxes full of stuff for one month in the year.
I happily dangle from the ladder to hang Icicle Lights on the house, and positively get dizzy winding the lights around the little Pine Tree in the front yard.
Its a simple, but effective display each year, which gives me joy in knowing that it has made at least one child in the neighbourhood say "Ooooooh".

This year, I have nothing.
I feel nothing.
The passion for Christmas is just not there.

I have put the tree up with the kids, because it is my duty as a parent of young children.

That's all I had to give.

I missed the Advent Calendar sale.
There are no lights adorning our house or tree in the front yard.
There have even been many nights I haven't even bothered to turn our Christmas Tree Lights on, if the kids had already snuggled down in bed.

Christmas has come around too fast this year. I am not ready.

Are you in the spirit of this festive season, or are you a little lost too?