Friday, 18 January 2013

Clean Desk Means ??

I look at people's environment and habits to get a feel for them. Am I the only one who does this ... I think not.  You can tell a lot by what a person keeps in their car and the condition it is in. The same goes for a woman's handbag. OMG - you could almost write a novel for most women!

I wonder about the assumptions people make about me, given what they see on the surface.

I am a little messy by nature. I also usually have quite a few things on the go at any one time. Creative is what I like to call it. I like to have things at my fingertips, and don't like to pack things away until the job is finished.  This can sometimes be misconstrued as messy by others.

My desk at work is a constant construction site. There is a pile or two of paperwork, folders here and there, not to mention sticky notes. I love sticky notes!

So when you see that my desk is clean ... it can only mean one thing. I am on holiday!

Although creative (ahem) by nature, I do like a clean slate when I return. I also don't like to leave things hanging while I am on leave, or like to leave loose ends for others to deal with in my absence.

So, considering that I started my two week leave at approximately 5.01pm today, I have been busy crossing every t and dotting every i.

This, by no means, makes me a control freak ... just considerate.

Are you messy or clean? Do you have a set agenda each day/week, or just go with what is tossed your way? These are the quirky details I love to hear from people. INDULGE ME!