Friday, 18 January 2013

Protect The Land Of The Free

The President of The United States did what he had to do. Barack Obama has used his executive powers to sign off on 23 actions, with more to be voted on by Congress, all in the effort to protect the people of his country.

In my mind, it is long overdue. The gun laws have been too loose for too long. As in Australia in 1996 at Port Arthur, it has taken the mass loss of innocent lives in Connecticut to spur the leader into action. I see no reason for high powered guns in society. There are many people who are too irresponsible or unstable to have firearms at their disposal at all.

"This time must be different" said Obama. "This is the land of the free and home of the brave and always will be".

Certainly, too many people have had to brave the loss of loved ones, taken by the miss use of guns in The United States. Too many have had to endure the terror they have experienced in the many mass shootings across the US, being haunted by visions and sounds forever more.

The people of "the land of the free" should not live everyday in fear. That is not being free! The people they vote into Congress and as The President, to lead their country and make the big decisions, have an obligation to set this right. They must ensure the safety of the people.

I am not anti-guns, if that is your thought. I think they have their place.
My husband owns several, each with a purpose. He uses them to shoot game, which we then use to feed ourselves or our dog. He has also helped a relative cull wildlife on farming land from time to time. He has been taught to shoot and handle guns responsibly, and also that firearms are deadly weapons. We both grew up with our fathers using guns, stored in our homes. Hubby also plans to teach our children how to use guns.

The current gun laws in Australia insist that a gun holder is licensed. To get this license, you must pass the test, both written and practical. You must also give evidence that you have a reason and a place to use your firearm. The firearms must be purchased from an authorised dealer, be registered, and followed by a 21 day cooling off period. The firearms must be stored in an authorised, lockable, gun safe. These are a just a few of the hoops to jump through to be allowed to possess a firearm in Australia. All are necessary. These laws were introduced after The Port Arthur massacre in 1996, which also saw a mass buy-back enforced for all firearms which would now be unlawful, being semi-automatic and automatic guns.

I hope that the new laws for firearms in The United States help to protect the people and help them to feel safe. Guns have no place in day to day living in modern society. These are my hopes and beliefs.
Please follow this link to read more on Obama's Gun Package.

What are your thoughts on the new actions Obama has signed off on? Will they help to make a difference? What is your view on firearms? Please share your opinion, which will not attract judgement.

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