Sunday, 10 February 2013

Organising My Thoughts

That moment you have been waiting for.  
 It is that rare moment, where your time has not been committed.   
This time is yours to do with as you please. 
Of course, when that moment comes, you are in a conundrum, as you desperately try to decide how to spend this precious time.

You have been thinking, should this time become available, that you would spend it writing and blogging. 
You have been accumulating some good ideas, themes, topics you want to address.
The problem is, your mind seems so excited by this opportunity that it is in a creative whirlwind. 
The ideas are whirling around at frantic speeds. Nothing is taking shape or making sense.

This is my current dilemma.
When given the chance to blog, the words and ideas are blurry. 
When I am committed to work, family or home, the words are free forming and the ideas aplenty.

Idea for a new app; a way to record thoughts into written form, take notes on blog ideas as they form in the brain, record those flashes of brilliance before they disappear.