Thursday, 7 February 2013

Things I Know .... Sugar and Diet

 I have learnt a thing or two about cutting sugar from my diet. After years of trying numerous diets and systems I have learnt that cutting one major factor means I am reaching weight-loss goals, over-coming addictions, and taking control of my health. I now follow a diet based mostly on no/low sugar foods.

 I wanted to share some of my revelations with you:

Cutting sugar from my diet was not as hard as I believed it would be.
 I have a major sweet-tooth (quite the under-statement!). Chocolate would have to be my favourite food of all time. I do try and restrain myself though, and besides the once a week indulgence, I was eating a well balanced diet. I had already decreased sugar in my coffee to half.
So, when it came time to start eating no/low sugar, I was quite prepared for some nasty side-effects. Now I can't say it was easy ... but it was certainly not as hard as I had feared.
I had cravings!
Of course. To combat this I researched, and followed the 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge, and made sure I was equipped with lots of tasty and interesting options.
You will need to ask hubby how bad my mood-swings were ......

Processed foods contain a lot of sugar.
 I couldn't believe how much sugar is in the foods we eat. Comparing products, and choosing no/low sugar options is very time consuming. So much so, that hubby wondered how far I had travelled to get the groceries.
Once you have sifted through and done the comparisons, you will know the brands and products that fit into this criteria. Being sugar conscious messed a little with my budget and discount savvy attitude, but again, with some routine and preparation, money matters tend to level out.

There are many low/no sugar snack options.
Luckily, I am quite open to trying different things, and wouldn't class myself as a fussy eater. I sympathise with those that have special dietary needs and particular tastes, as this makes changing diets and finding menu options even more challenging. I aim to eat foods that contain no sugar, low sugar (2.0g or lower per 100ml), or are classified as low GI.

There are foods that act like sugar.
The 30 Day Sugar Free Challenge taught me about the importance of food that act like sugar. I am much more aware of carbohydrates, grains and high GI foods now.

A diet low in sugar is great for weight-loss.
Before cutting sugar from my diet I had been working with the Company Personal Trainer for 6 months. I was certainly fitter and more toned, but the weight loss was slow to come, losing 3.8 kg in that time.
During the 30 Day Challenge I lost a further 2.5kg! The numbers on the scales are still going down.

If I can cut sugar from my diet .... anyone can.

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