Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Organised Mum, happy school kids

How many things are on at your school each month that you need to remember? How do you remember all of these, or more likely, how many times have you forgotten something? With only two kiddies, I struggle to keep on top of their school and social agendas.

I have been guilty of dropping my daughter at school in full uniform, to find all the others children in free dress. I have also felt that dread, to see the library bag still hanging from a chair on library day. Or feeling I have forgotten something important, to realise it was the cut-off to return a permission slip.

So how does an organised parent keep their sanity and their "great parent" status?

My approach is attack the situation from all angles.

We have a family calendar where we write each month's appointments, special days, events, etc.
I cross-reference this with my diary, which has a permanent home in the kitchen.

I also have my trusty Android phone, which alerts me when I get up if the day involves an event at school which needs money or particular clothing.

Our school has Free dress day, raffles to be returned, cupcake day, carnivals, presentation assemblies, parent/teacher meetings, mini-concerts, excursions, annual fair, NOT TO MENTION library day, sports day, show and tell, choir, after-school sports; these are written on a magnetic planner which lives on the fridge........ O M G!

So I would love to know what your tips and tricks are to staying organised and remembering everything through the week.