Monday, 11 March 2013

Weddings Are Many Things

Weddings can be such wonderful events. The idea is very personal and romantic; two people, so in love, that they want to declare their commitment to each other, joined and celebrated with their most loved friends and family.

I know the joys, time, effort, expense and stress of organising a wedding. Ours was way back in 2002.

We started planning our wedding, seriously, twelve months in advance. Alas, there was nothing like Pinterest then to get inspiration and ideas.

We recently attended the wedding of my gorgeous cousin and her husband.

I am trying to think of a word to sum it up ... but I can not choose. It was beautiful, elegant, fun, romantic, merry .....

The bride was none other than Sim, the lovely lady who writes at Hakuna Matata. If you wish to pop over and visit,there are posts about the proposal and the planning of the wedding.
Sim and her hubby-to-be

The wedding was held at the gorgeous Villa Howden, located at Howden, Tasmania.
It really set the scene for the type of wedding Sim and Alex were wanting. Villa Howden is romantic, beautiful and luxurious.
One of the gorgeous rooms - this one was taken by the bride's parents
Villa Howden-the staircase is ideal for photos
The setting for the nuptials.
A cheeky shot of shoes
Sim and Alex, now married.

The elegant table setting
The Bridal Waltz - just beautiful to watch
The Lolly Buffet where guests lined up to fill their take home box.

Me and Sim
Sim and Alex wanted the guests to know that each one was there, on their special day, not because they had felt obligated to invite them, but because each guest had played an important part in their lives so far. Such a wonderful, thoughtful statement.

The day and the event was gorgeous from start to finish. Everything was as it should be and there were so many lovely, and thoughtful personal touches. It flowed and came together so well, that it would have been easy, as a guest, to not give thought to the many, many hours Sim and Alex, their wedding party, as well as their parents and families had put into every decision and detail.