Friday, 19 April 2013

Family Dinners - Why The Questions?

I read a lot through the week. Not as in book reading; more along the lines of articles, blogs, newsletters, and emails. I am also prone to the odd questionnaire and competition. I have noticed there is a common factor I have noticed popping up which is confusing the hell out of me. It is to do with how often your family sits together for dinner in your house through the week. My answer is ALWAYS.

Every family is different, and I appreciate that. 
Families are made up of different numbers, different interests and different schedules. Are there really so many families, though who regularly do not have dinners together?

When I was growing up, dinner was on the table at the same time each day, mostly. Unless you were committed to a sport, work, ill or not living at home anymore, you were expected to be home at this set time to join the family for dinner.

Now that I have my own family, the same standards are applied. 
There are times that hubby is called out with SES, or I may not eat until later due an early Netball commitment, but these are not a regular or even, weekly occurrences.

I also understand that our children are still young. Young enough not to have commitments late in the day, work, or heavy social tendencies.  Neither hubby nor I travel for work or work shifts either, so it is easy to say that most weeks are the same.

I wonder, then, about the things that our family benefits from that other families may be missing out on.
Our family talk about our day, the current events, upcoming events, our wants/needs, complaints .... we cover a lot of area here. 
I rely on this time of day, to have my family around me. I like to have that time to have a good look at my children across the table and soak up their stories, assess their happiness levels, gauge their energy levels, and listen. It is also a good time for me to see what they are eating or not eating, as I don't get this chance whilst they are at school or I am at work. 
Lastly, with the sharing of all of the above, it may be the one time in the day that hubby and I get the same information at the same time. There is no need to cross-reference or go through any he said/she said.

Tell me I am not alone in valuing this time together at the table? Tell me there are many of you still doing the same. If not, then help me see it from another point of view.