Friday, 12 April 2013

Things I Know About Being Late For School

I have been so happy that we have found a good rhythm this year. 
The kids have been mostly co-operative in the mornings. Hubby and I make lunches the night before and I usually get the uniforms out ready to go. This morning was BUCKING THE TREND!

Everything was going to plan, until Master 5 decided he wanted to style his hair.
Most mornings, he could NOT care less about his hair, or any presentation at all.

I thought he was doing well, as I could hear him in the bathroom, and the gush of the bathroom tap. 
I should have known better, when it took a while for him to reappear.

And reappear he did, with quite a smug look on his face.
"Like my hair Mum?"
I turned around to find Master 5 with a very good looking Mohawk.
Now, if he had achieved this look with just water, it would have been fine.
Master 5 does nothing in halves though.

He had delved into my NEW pot of Hair Sculpting Paste, with his little hand, and grabbed quite a handful by the looks of the hole that was left. He had applied so much paste, in fact, that his hair was plastered up nicely, AND it was completely white!

Being the scrooge that I am, I got out as much as I could, using a fine tooth comb.
This stuff is not cheap!
I kept going until his hair was no longer plastered in white paste.
Being the good Mum that I am, I then styled it the way he wanted.

By this time, the school bus had well and truly gone past. Miss 9 had the sense to avoid the commotion at home and catch the bus solo.

Master 5 was jumping around with his back-pack next to the car.
"Hurry Mum, we're gonna be late."
No kidding - I wonder how that happened?
I was left to rush around and hurriedly don my clothes for work, gulp a mouthful of tea and grab my bag and keys.

Little scenes like this have a way of getting much bigger, as they usually cause a domino effect. I thought I should warn unsuspecting parents of the little bumps in the morning that can go on to cause mountains.

We were now arriving at school late.
We get to the classroom ... which is vacant.
Master 5 has no idea where his classmates could be.
Luckily, the teacher walks in to inform us everyone is up at Music.
We trudge to the other end side of the school, where Master 5 happily plonks himself down, whilst his classmates admire his hair-do.
I then make my way along to the canteen to deposit his late order for lunch.
My next stop is the office at the front of the school, to inform the ladies that Master 5 has arrived late, and the class attendance form needs to be amended.

Lastly, I bolt past the kids already into their outside class activities to my car .... because now I am running late for work!

I can happily report, that once in my car and on my way, the trip to work was good. 
I was slightly late, but nobody seemed to care.
Work today, has followed the trend of every other Friday.