Friday, 10 May 2013

Finding The Time

I have had a VERY unintentional blogging break lately. I have tried to keep in touch via Facebook and Twitter, but finding and dedicating blocks of quality time has been the issue.

I could just tap out random thoughts and continuous posts on what we have or haven't done through the week as a family.

I want my blog to be more than an online diary.

My aim from the start was to produce a blog that was predominantly positive in its content, which was part therapy for me and a positive place to go for people seeking a refuge from their own problems and negativity.

I also wanted to get down in my own words, my experiences and thoughts about dealing with Anxiety Disorder. Reference books and articles are great, but they lack an individuals point of view and emotion. Just like a support group, my blog should be a place where a person can refer to, to clarify their own thoughts and feelings.

So, I have not fallen off the face of the blog by world. I have much more to say and share on this blog.
Stay tuned......
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