Thursday, 25 April 2013

ANZAC DAY And Inspired Children

I am in hiding. The bedroom could be the only safe place for me right now. My house has come alive as three children fight their own war full of ammo, hideouts, tactics and pleas for mercy.

All three were witness to the proud display of the local ANZAC DAY March this morning. They had many questions about the people we honour each year, the people who were marching in memory of a loved one, and those who stood in uniform armed with guns.

The TV has been full of media coverage of Marches across the nation as well as movies relevant to the wars.

Miss 9, Master 5, and their neighbourhood friend have been thinking of nothing else all day, and even though they don't understand the full magnitude of the importance of ANZAC DAY, it was inevitable that this war had to happen.

The camouflage tent is shelter and considered safe. There are various types of Nerf guns being handed around. Spent ammo is littered across the lounge room floor. Each one has chosen which country they are fighting for.

Luckily, when they tire of this game, the guns, ammo and tent will be packed away. Thankfully, unlike a real war, this is an option for them. Hopefully, this will be as close as they get to any war. I'm sure every Mother has wished this same thing.
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