Saturday, 8 June 2013

What Was That For?

The look on his face as he says for what must be the millionth time "what was that for?", is pure innocence. It would be fair to say that our son is always on the look out for adventure and invariably gets himself into multitudes of trouble.

Master 5 is quite the expert at timeout, not to mention having his favourite things banned. Neither of these punishments seem to dull his need to poke, prod and pull things that he is not meant to.

Is he seeking attention? A troublemaker? Or just a curious boy with a good amount of energy?

We are quite sure he is quite run of the mill when it comes to boys. Also being second born assured he was keen for adventure from the get go.

His face is just as cheeky as his nature.

I should be putting all of our savings on backing that Master 5 will be standing in front of various people throughout his life, trying to justify his actions.