Friday, 24 May 2013

The Weight Loss Debate - STOP JUDGING

I get a little frustrated with the negative attitude and comments aimed at some people's efforts towards weight loss. Amazingly, it is sometimes coming from people who have been down the weight loss road and know firsthand the battle people face.

I say, to anyone trying to lose weight to put them into a healthier state, I don't care which method you choose, because half of the work is making that decision to lose the weight, commit to it and maintain the loss.

Yet, I hear time and time again people saying things like, "Oh yeah, she has lost heaps, but she had Lap Band Surgery." or "He looks much healthier now, but he has a personal trainer."
There is no easy way to lose weight in my mind.
Every single method, whether it be Diet Shakes, Exercise, Lap Band Surgery, using a Personal Trainer, or the many other options and tools at your disposal, involve a commitment of time, sacrifice, effort, and ups and downs, and I see none of them as cheating.
Weight Loss can be one of the biggest mental and physical battles you may have to face in life. To make the decision and effort to turn around bad eating and exercise habits, which may even have been present your whole life, is such a commendable position to take.

To hear opinions that the weight loss can be bought, or that the help from surgery, medicine or trainer is the simple, easier option is honestly disappointing.


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