Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Joy Of Belting Out A Tune

As a parent, I get all warm and fuzzy when my kids get pleasure out of something that brought me pleasure through my own childhood. I  spent many a trip in the backseat of the family car, going to or coming back from a visit with a relative. In those days, WAY BACK THEN, there were no ipods, and if you travelled as a family, you were expected to be social.

Travelling in the car as a family always brings back memories of singing along to the radio. Sometimes it was just me singing, but many times one or more of my family members would join in.

We covered quite a range of styles, from 50s all the way through to what was currently popular, with some country tunes thrown in too. Our favourites were probably covered in the 6 O'Clock Rock segments on a Saturday night.

These days, I am in the front seat (mostly) but not much has changed.
I am still singing along to the tunes.

My children have inherited my love of singing in the car, which is mostly tolerated by hubby.

Hearing my children singing along, sometimes to songs that are much older than they are, is quite heart-warming. Knowing that they too find comfort and joy in singing, whether it be in tune, or in time or even the right words, is comforting.

What does your family do to pass the time in the car? Do you do things together?

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