Friday, 30 August 2013

The Tooth Fairy Scam

Miss 9 is quite practiced at the procedure involved when one of her teeth fall out. She has been building her skills since she was five.
She has a silky blue pouch that the tooth usually goes into, and she pops it on top of her blackboard easel with a big arrow pointing to where the tooth has been placed.

This time she didn't use the pouch, but placed the tooth on a tissue.
This is where problems began.

Clip Art for National Tooth Fairy DayBeing the very diligent, but awfully busy Tooth Fairy, money was left as usual sometime through the night, or certainly just before Miss 9 woke.

Miss 9 was ecstatic to see the fairy had remembered to come, since in her hectic schedule, she has in the past needed extra time to complete her obligations. Miss 9 also noted that she had left the tooth behind. Whoops!

As she lifted the tooth, the tissue came with it, so I was quick to explain that obviously the tooth had stuck to the tissue, which was a problem when transporting for the Tooth Fairy.
This was a satisfactory explanation for Miss 9, but it left her wondering what to do now.

"If I was to leave the tooth out again tonight, would the Tooth Fairy come again and leave more money?" she wondered out loud.

This suggestion was enough to send her brother into a whirlwind of possible opportunity.
"Yep, put it back out tonight and see if you can get some money for me" he encouraged excitedly. Master 5 is yet to lose his first tooth, so the thought that he could get some money for himself without even going through losing a tooth was too much.

"I'm sure it doesn't work like that. The Tooth Fairy keeps very good records of her visits and which teeth she has paid out on" I explained.

Regardless, the tooth was left out on it's tissue for several more nights.

I can't blame them for trying.