Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Itching for Spring

Allergies are horrid. No matter whether you are born with an allergy, or develop an allergy later in life, they are downright annoying. It is quite ironic that the season I love the most, also causes me such grief.

I have had several allergies since I was little, such as pollen and dry grasses, and shellfish. I have kept away from shellfish, and have no desire to have it. Pollen and dry grass is harder to avoid, so I spend months of the year taking anti-histamine medication to lessen the symptoms. These allergies are very much a part of my life, and I can't remember a time without them.

I am so used to being slightly itchy all over, even with medication. My skin itches, my nose itches and runs, my eyes itch and water, my mouth and throat itch too.

It sucks, and it rears its ugly head every year, but it is manageable and I cope.

I think as far as allergies go, I could do so much worse.

I have had a couple of episodes of allergies to medications where the reaction was much more severe and unexpected. It certainly was an eye opener into what other people with severe allergies have to deal with.

With Spring here, I am looking forward to the blossoms .... heavily medicated, of course.

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