Tuesday, 3 September 2013

This Mother's Favourite Smell

There are many parenting moments I love (and just a few I don't).

Funnily, many of my "love it" and "don't love it" fall into the smell or touch categories. 

There is one moment that remains to be a favourite of mine, even as my children grow bigger and older.
Nothing beats the post-bath wonderfulness, no matter what the age.
The moment is always the same, although, sometimes moves too quickly.

The smell of freshly washed hair, which is soft and damp.
The rosy cheeks that are soft but shiny.
The pale, wrinkly toes and fingers.
The cuddly child wrapped in pyjamas.

All of these are to be savoured .....
because the state of the bathroom, post-bath, is often unfavourable.

Lucky my kids are so cute and cuddly.