Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Watching AFL: Make Sure To Block Your Ears

I remember watching AFL on TV when I was quite young . Actually, I probably wanted to watch cartoons, but my brother would have been in charge of the remote control, so good old Footy it was.

My brother was the reason I started watching AFL, and he was also the decider on which team to go for. It was, and always has been, Hawthorn. As far as picks go, his decision has served me well over the years.

As we come to the pointy end of the AFL season, with tipping all finished (not that it got me anywhere financially, but someone has to fund the winners), I am excited to see The Mighty Hawks vying for a spot in the finals.

I have been a somewhat complacent fan over the years, but the last few years have seen more involvement in tipping competitions and social gatherings on Grand Final Day. Both money and some friendly competition is always healthy in keeping the interest in sport fresh.

I will be in front of the TV supporting The Hawks, hopefully through to the Final, but no matter who is playing, you can guarantee I will be screaming like a banshee (much to the amusement of some and the embarrassment of the kids).

Bring on the footy jumpers and scarves, the chip and dip, and the kick of the football at half time. I look forward to this time of year - awfully Australian, I know.

How did you become interested in your favourite sport? Is it AFL?

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