Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Irony Of Parent On A Child-free Night Out

I like to take a break from being "the parent", and try to just be me sometimes. This involves doing things child-free, and often with other child-free adults. My latest outing was a quiz night, which threw up a few ironies.

The first irony was obvious, but it was the reason for the adult outing to begin with. The quiz night was a fund raiser for the school my children are attending. The fact that it was an over-18 event where alcohol would be served meant that this was a perfectly good opportunity to be a child-free adult.

So I joined my table of co-quizzers, who happened to be very knowledgeable in many topics and also logically minded to figure out the tricky questions thrown in at quizzes. We worked as a team, and whilst I added my own input and confirmations, I felt quite overwhelmed with the vast knowledge and skill surrounding me.

This is where the second irony became obvious.

The few times the table went silent and looked slightly panicked, I was able to answer the question with confidence and all eyes turned to me to do so.

I was the only person on the table who was the parent of young children!!
When it came to names of characters in children's programs, or identifying who the voice belonged to in an animation, I was the person in the know.

So the opportunity for an adult outing, made possible by being a parent, became a great night out where our table scored well and came second. My knowledge of all current topics relating to children ended up being very valuable indeed.
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