Sunday, 24 November 2013

Understanding What Causes Anxiety

I often replay a conversation over and over in my head. It was with a GP, and I was being treated for an Anxiety Attack. "What are you worrying about?", "What is causing your Anxiety?" She asked. I tried to think of an answer, but it wasn't that simple.

I have learned quite a bit since that day. The following may not be everyone's experience, but it is true for me.

I now know that General Anxiety, which is the form of anxiety from which I suffer, is not caused by one worry.

Instead of one worry, the body collects every little worry, every stressful moment, every tense movement and bundles them together until the body explodes under the pressure. This is especially the case if you have not dealt with the worries and tried to push them to the side, or you have not tried to help your body rid the tension from your muscles.

I can understand that those not suffering from Anxiety, or who have no knowledge of it's workings, could think of it in such simple terms as the GP did on that day.

For me though, her comment just doubled my stress as I tried to answer it from her simple outlook.

Anxiety is a complex condition, as is evident from the multitude of treatments that can be used and is often needed to combat the disease from all angles. Each person's anxiety, and how it effects them is also unique.

I hope that the GP has had more experience with Anxiety, and has been able to learn more about the subject, as I have done, to assist her in understanding what the next anxiety patient is dealing with.