Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Relax and Refuel

We spent the Easter long weekend, just like every other. We relaxed, refueled and retreated.

It is our Easter family tradition to head down to the southern tip of Tasmania to our favourite holiday house.

I spent a lot of time sleeping, reading, doing a crossword or two, and some fishing. We visited a market and garage sale, cooked up some tomato sauce, chilled together .... and went fishing.

We like to keep our schedule simple and stress free. The beginning of the year can be really hectic with back to school, sports, work and social commitments.  Its lovely to step back from it all and slow it all down.

I find Easter is a good time of year to assess what is working and what needs attention. I like to look within our family and in myself.

Is there a time through the year when you need to refuel?