Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Week Of Ten

Do you notice when numbers keep popping up? Well this week it is ten for me. I like the significance of numbers, and tend to marvel when they keep popping up. It is like life is trying to point out important things to me.
This year was my tenth Mother's Day, as a Mum. The 10 years have absolutely flown by, and I am in constant amazement when I look at my children, as I swear it was only yesterday that they were crawling and gibbering baby-talk. Now, my daughter is getting closer to my height and stealing my shoes, which no longer slop around on her feet, but fit perfectly. My son long ago outgrew his baby curls and exceeds my energy levels in all forms of play.
In other TEN news, I was told in the same week at my blood donation appointment, that this was my tenth donation. Not a huge number, yet .... given that each donation potentially helps three people, I am more than ecstatic to have reached out to thirty people in their time of need. I find my appointments at The Red Cross Donation Centre in Hobart every three months to have little impact on my time. In fact, given that it takes about 10 minutes to fill a bag, and that I am treated to a chocolate milk and a snack afterward by the awesome staff, the appointment feels more like a morning tea with friends.
Lastly, I am posting this on the tenth. A little ironic?
I have been struggling lately to put my words down into a post worth reading. Not that I have nothing to say .... that will be the day! I have been busy with work and home life, and found the need to quiet my mind when I get a moment. I tend to go through phases of needing to quiet the inner chatter.
Have you noticed any numbers recurring in your life lately?

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