Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Retail Therapy For Free

Retail therapy is known to lift the mood and is often the go-to activity for girls (and guys too) when life is not so great. I have been known to partake in a little retail therapy from time to time, and quite often it is the online sort. I am not a chronic shopper though, and will often opt out, in favour for doing something else.  There is one sort of retail therapy that is hard to pass up though ..... the FREE sort!

Recently I entered a competition featured over at Be A Fun Mum, and what do you know, I was ecstatic to be told I was a winner. Part of my prize was a Gift Card to spend at Anaconda, which just so happens to be one of my favourite stores.

Hubby and I trotted off on the weekend (completely kid free), with gift card in hand. Hubby insisted, because he is all sorts of awesome, that I treat myself with my winnings.

So I happily strolled around at my leisure, looking at sports clothing and accessories, and every item you could need for enjoying the great outdoors.

I had the best time, and soon my trolley was full (diligently being pushed by Hubby) and my winnings were spent. I am happy with my pickings, chose items that I needed but hadn't quite reached the top of the priority list yet like some tops and pants, a new bike helmet, a PFD for the Kayak, a new Netball, some Snow Boots and a super-huge insulated mug.

Yippee for me!

Are you addicted to shopping of any sort?