Friday, 20 June 2014

Lighten The Load

Imagine if you had no one to talk to. No one at all. Imagine being weighed down with worry, and having no one to share the load. I can't imagine, as I have always had someone around willing to listen.
My world would be morbidly lonely if I could not talk about what is on my mind. I would literally go nuts with my thoughts trapped in my head, with no exit. I need to be able to bounce ideas off people, hear what others are thinking, share my worries and have a giggle.
So when a girlfriend recently apologised for dumping her worries on me, it was shocking to hear that she felt she had no one to talk to.
Seriously, no one?
I have been clearly spoiled for choice, with my husband, workmates, friends and relatives always willing (or painfully submitted) to hear my gibberish woes when I have needed to vent. It makes me wonder if maybe I share too freely, but a problem shared is a problem halved, and two heads are better than one, and on and on.
How do you sort through your worries? Do you have someone to listen?

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