Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Relaxed and Refreshed ... Mostly

The kiddies are back to school today for Term 3, after two weeks and one day. Don't you just love that extra day thrown in for teachers to regroup and hone their skills?

Just when I thought that today would be the usual morning battle to get the kids up for school, we had a series of toilet trips and power outages from the early hours of the morning until I called defeat and got out of bed for good. The kids took this early rise as an opportunity to fit in one last Minecraft game complete with remote server hookup and Skype.

I must admit that Minecraft does keep them busy, creative and moderately quiet, and Miss 10 and Master 6 have been working nicely together to build some impressive worlds.

I don't mind them having a bit of online gaming time since we spent a whole week at our holiday spot, getting relaxed and doing more things outdoors and together.

Another term started, and another holiday done and dusted.