Sunday, 3 August 2014

Down, But Not Out

I snapped my Achilles Tendon at the start of my first pregnancy. I was so grateful at the time that I didn't have children to care for as I spent that first trimester on crutches , unable to put weight on that leg at all. It took all of my energy just to go to work and make it through the day at my desk.

Eleven years have passed when I  find myself back on Crutches, again due to injuring myself at Netball. I am thankful to have not broken anything this time, and no cast required. 

Although it is tough not being mobile and needing so much help getting around, the kids are at a great age at 6 and 10 to pitch in and help their Dad  get things done around the house.

It will take some  strengthening and rehabilitation before my ankle is ready for full duty on the Netball court, but I will be back.

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