Thursday, 20 November 2014

Taking Stock

I hate taking things for granted, and so I'm jumping at the chance to Take Stock as Pip at Meet Me At Mike's has done (and done so well!). This is such a good way to look critically at your life and where you stand at the moment. So, here goes!

Making : a mess usually! It seems to be my way!
Cooking : hearty stews with lots of veggies
Drinking : Jarrah Choc O'Lait
Reading: Lone Wolf by Jodi Piccoult
Wanting: the answers to how, why, when and who.
Looking: at the big picture as much as possible, and ignoring the little things.
Playing: Candy Crush. Such a mindless game, but addictive.
Deciding: on our next camping location
Wishing: there were more hours in the day to sleep and get stuff done.
Enjoying: the coolish weather. I am such a Autumn/Winter girl.
Waiting: for the next Netball game
Liking: House of Cards with Kevin Spacey
Wondering: what my next favourite TV series will be.
Loving: my family (of course)
Pondering: over the fate of our world
Considering: my options incase I win Lotto
Watching: my children growing up right before my eyes
Hoping: that we have many more years together
Marvelling: at the beauty in our world
Needing: others to see their is beauty everywhere
Smelling: fresh bush air
Wearing: jeans and long sleeved top
Following: so many other bloggers, that I have lost count.
Noticing: more grey hairs, but isn't that what hair dye is for?
Knowing: ageing isn't the worst possibility
Thinking: of others who are worse off
Feeling: grateful ... always
Admiring: the things we have worked hard for
Sorting: children's clothes as they grow out of them
Buying: bigger sizes for the children
Getting: frustrated with clothing sizes
Bookmarking: Outlander, trying to get ahead before the next series.
Disliking: when you get hooked on a tv series and are left waiting a whole year
Opening: envelopes containing bills
Giggling: constantly at the antics of my children
Feeling: grateful ... always
Snacking: on cashews. Aren't they fabulous, but trying to restrict myself.
Coveting: Cadbury chocolate
Wishing:that I didn't like chocolate
Helping: as many as I can by donating blood
Hearing: little feet running