Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Typical Day of Irritable and Moody

When you wake up feeling crappy, you feel there is little hope for the rest of the day.
I awake, wanting very much to go back to sleep. My sleep had been crappy.
My jaw is stiff, and my teeth on one side are tender.
This is a sure sign that I had been clenching my teeth again.

I can not see the funny side of anything. I can only look at things with sarcasm and bitterness.
Anxiety leaves everything looking tarnished and tasting bitter.

My shoulder blades are achy, as they store the stress.
If relief is not found, that feeling will increase in intensity and move to the middle of my chest.

Big breaths to fill my body with positive air, and relieve the rigidity.
It is hard to push air down further than mid-chest when anxiety is squeezing you.
With some repetition, persistence, and visualization the body starts to relax and lets the air through ... just a little.

How does irritable and moody take over your day?