Monday, 2 February 2015

Long Weekends in Australia Are For Sight Seeing

Australia and the long weekends go hand in hand. Our family have enjoyed some time away, taking in local sites of Tasmania and enjoying some simple activities together while not spending a fortune.

We recently chose to stay at Snug, just south of Hobart. We stayed at the Snug Caravan Park, which we loved with it's Camp Kitchen, clean bathrooms and location right next to the beach.
Starting our day by waking in our campervan, we moved outdoors to the sunshine to sit and cook a BBQ breakfast of eggs and bacon, and a drink of apple juice. The kids went for a frolic on the beach while hubby and I got some things together for a drive.

 Snug has some lovely surrounding towns and attractions. We head to the next town, Margate where we visit the Margate Train, known for it's carriages selling pancakes, doll houses, books and lollies.

From here we take a right turn to head through the beautiful countryside that will bring us to Tinderbox. We marvel at the views as we drive and the gorgeous houses that have been built to take in the views. We turn down the road where there is a boat ramp and we arrive at a nice area complete with toilet, swings and BBQ facilities. The water to the right of the boat ramp follows the small sandstone cliff, and there are rock shelves that reach out into the water. It makes for great discovery around the smooth cliffs and in the rockpools. The area is know for its shallow water and accessibility and there is a group getting ready for a dive class.

Back in the vehicle, and we follow the road further to the town of Blackmans Bay. This seaside town has grown tremendously with a great build up of housing and amenities. We drive along the Esplanade, where there are people gathering at the restaurant and others strolling or exercising.

We head back toward Snug along the highway, but not before calling into Dru Point at Margate for a well deserved play on the equipment for the kids and coffees for hubby and I. This playground is well known in Southern Tasmania. It is well planned, with lots of great equipment and right near the water.

What a gorgeous part of Tasmania with so much to see and do without parting with lots of cash.