Monday, 9 February 2015

Hobart Lines Up To View HMAS Sydney

HMAS Sydney and crew blessed Hobart with it's presence and beauty this weekend, in conjunction with The 2015 Hobart Regatta. Tours of the ship were available at Macquarie Wharf2, while it's helicopters performed several displays for the Regatta crowd.

The crew of HMAS Sydney were awesome. They welcomed everyone to view their world and were very encouraging to look, ask questions, explore, ask us to be in your photos (this was a true suggestion as we boarded).

Master 8 had a ball trying on the gear and feeling the weight of the vests. Some of those vests are seriously heavy!

There was just a slight difference between Master 8's outfit and the officer behind in fit, so I guess it would be a while before they could take him into their fold.

There may be nothing pretty or colourful about the HMAS Sydney or any of the ships in the Royal Australian Navy, but the flags certainly brighten the scene and give it flair .... almost like it's own bling.

 The HMAS Sydney felt important and the crew spoke about their ship with pride and passion. Having been launched in 1980, HMAS Sydney is the fourth ship of this name and it has played an important role in Australia's Defence history. HMAS Sydney has deployed to the Middle East four times, with Desert Storm and the Gulf War, supporting UN sanctions against Iraq, East Timor and  Solomon Islands, and Iraq War all listed on its impressive resume. Being one of the four ADELAIDE Class Guided Missile Frigates in service it plays an important role in providing air defence, anti-submarne and anti-shipping warfart, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

It strikes me now that the t-shirt is quite fitting given his prop.

Mt Wellington in view over the bow of HMAS Sydney

 There was a lot to see and some very expensive, technical equipment. The tour took about 50 minutes as we moved about the ship and explored from bow to the flight deck and the narrow corridors and stairs in between. We passed the Captain's chair and took in his usual view.      The crew were extremely friendly and informative as they answered every question.

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